• Black Iron Coils (HRC)
  • Galvanized Coils (CRC)
  • Colored Coils
  • Slitted Coils

Because of its malleability following hot rolling, hot rolled coils can be made into larger sizes and a variety of different shapes making it ideal in the manufacturing of beams, tracks and other simple cross-section structural components such as I-Beams. While hot rolled coils are feeder products for cold rolled coils, they may also be used immediately in construction, industrial applications, gas containers, shipbuilding and transport.

Cold rolled coils go through further cooling after the hot rolling process. This additional process increases the strength of the steel producing generally smaller sized, but more durable and tolerant coils. As a finished product, while generally stronger than hot rolled coils at particular grades, cold rolled coils are limited to a few shapes. Cold rolled coils are used in construction and building components, automotive components, domestic appliances and elecrical goods.

Protected by a thin coating of zinc oxide, galvanized steel sheets are more resistant to elements that may lead to corrosion, oxidation and possible weakening of the steel. Use of galvanized steel sheets is far reaching particularly in construction where it is used as material for piping, heating and duct work, roofing, support beams, barriers and handrails.